WaPo asks me, what's an emotional affair?

I was thrilled to tackle this topic in Lisa Bonos' excellent "Solo-ish" blog at We've all heard the term "emotional affair," but what are the parameters? I have met with countless clients wondering if the connection they feel to a "work wife" or old high school love might be more than just a friendship. Meanwhile, I've seen more and more couples in my office facing the attachment injury caused when one partner goes elsewhere to have his/her emotional needs met. Read the entire piece here.


Half of Those Considering Divorce Change Minds

A new study reveals that of couples contemplating divorce, half of them change their minds a year later. This suggests that while marriage has its ups and downs, staying with it - and even investing more in it - can lead to happier outcomes. Read the whole article here


Time to Leave the Marriage?

In my latest Georgetowner advice column I answer the question of whether it's time for the writer to leave a marriage where both partners just "co-exist." Check out my answer here


WaPo Asks My Advice for Dads-to-Be

I was so pleased to help Soloish Lisa Bonos with her excellent Washington Post Magazine feature on the male biological clock. Many people assume that the ticking of the biological clock only impacts women, but Bonos explored the ways that men experience anticipation and anxiety about becoming fathers. Read more here!


How to Stop a Lie?

A recent Georgetowner newspaper advice column took on the question of what a person should do when a lie started to get out of control. The writer takes responsibility for the mistake of lying in the first place, but wonders what to do since coming clean will likely end a deep friendship. What would you do? While the idea of having a deep heart to heart with the friend could lead to a transformed relationship with that person, we only can predict our own reaction in that situation - friend could disappoint us. That's why it is really important to be very clear with yourself about how you might react in either situation, before having the conversation. Read the whole article here.