Early Attachments - Lifelong Impact

A new article illustrates what we couples therapists have been saying for years - our early relationships set a template for our future relationships. The theory here is that as we grow up and find new people to focus on, we also may be seeking people who can continue to parent us. Take a look at the whole intriguing story here.


Couplehood is Healing

What do you do when an unexpected life change happens just as you are adjusting to a new relationship? A recent advice column of mine addresses the question of how you manage a cancer diagnosis while trying to maintain the fun and carefree feelings of a new relationship. Short answer? You don't. But that's not really cause to complain. You may have to mourn the "what ifs," but there is a silver lining when your relationship is tested by real life - you get to see if you can handle it. Read the whole story here.


He's Leaving - Can He Protect the Kids?

It's probably the most difficult decision you've ever had to face, but now that you've made the choice to stop working on your marriage, a new challenge begins: the hard work of shepherding the kids through your divorce. I hear this quite a bit in my work with couples and individuals in therapy. I also addressed it with a recent question in my biweekly advice column. Take a look at the tips for helping kids adjust here.


Kings and Queens?

Are you the king or queen in your relationship? Check out a new Partnership Pointer here.


Are some people just cheaters?

This is the question I received as part of my biweekly advice column in The Georgetowner newspaper. I have heard it a few times in my office, as well. My answer is no (you can read the whole thing here). But there are many layers to this question and I think the incredible Esther Perel has a pretty excellent line on it. Her recent Ted Talk about infidelity is eye-opening to anyone with a snap judgment about what you should and should not do in relationships. Take 20 minutes to watch her and see if you agree!