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Half of Those Considering Divorce Change Minds

A new study reveals that of couples contemplating divorce, half of them change their minds a year later. This suggests that while marriage has its ups and downs, staying with it - and even investing more in it - can lead to happier outcomes. Read the whole article here


Time to Leave the Marriage?

In my latest Georgetowner advice column I answer the question of whether it's time for the writer to leave a marriage where both partners just "co-exist." Check out my answer here


He's Leaving - Can He Protect the Kids?

It's probably the most difficult decision you've ever had to face, but now that you've made the choice to stop working on your marriage, a new challenge begins: the hard work of shepherding the kids through your divorce. I hear this quite a bit in my work with couples and individuals in therapy. I also addressed it with a recent question in my biweekly advice column. Take a look at the tips for helping kids adjust here.


Advice for 'Definitely Divorcing'

My most recent Georgetowner column considers how to support your spouse even if he loses his job, while another new mom decides she's "definitely divorcing." Read the full article here.

Divorce Insurance...Really

A new Washington Post article details the latest money-saving opportunity: divorce insurance. In a time in which our nation's financial anxiety is ratcheting out of control, a new company is set to offer the ultimate in self-protection. Apparently, prenuptial agreements have been on the rise in the last five years, with even middle-income couples opting to protect themselves. But divorce insurance is a newer concept, where couples can buy policies to offset the costs of moving, childcare, buying a new home, and counseling.

Divorce insurance may be a controversial concept (are you preparing for the end, before you've really given it a try?), but it makes sense for couples to be realistic about the chances of running into difficulty during the course of any marriage. As a couples counselor, I obviously would advocate additional preventative measures, like premarital counseling, honest conversation about marriage goals, and regular tune-ups that can include reading a book, taking a class, or attending a retreat together.