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Half of Those Considering Divorce Change Minds

A new study reveals that of couples contemplating divorce, half of them change their minds a year later. This suggests that while marriage has its ups and downs, staying with it - and even investing more in it - can lead to happier outcomes. Read the whole article here


Time to Leave the Marriage?

In my latest Georgetowner advice column I answer the question of whether it's time for the writer to leave a marriage where both partners just "co-exist." Check out my answer here


Why Are Her Friends' Husbands Hitting On Her?

This Georgetowner advice column question came in all caps from a happily married woman who has been propositioned multiple times by her friends' husbands. Great question - what is happening? I went back to Esther Perel and her research on the reasons happily married people seek affairs, and her conclusions aren't always what you might think. Check our her TED Talk here and read my full column here.


Kings and Queens?

Are you the king or queen in your relationship? Check out a new Partnership Pointer here.


Are some people just cheaters?

This is the question I received as part of my biweekly advice column in The Georgetowner newspaper. I have heard it a few times in my office, as well. My answer is no (you can read the whole thing here). But there are many layers to this question and I think the incredible Esther Perel has a pretty excellent line on it. Her recent Ted Talk about infidelity is eye-opening to anyone with a snap judgment about what you should and should not do in relationships. Take 20 minutes to watch her and see if you agree!