Support for College Students

Update: Continuing this year, I am pleased to co-lead an Adjustment Group for female college students. Click here for more information.

For most of us, heading to college marks the first time we are entirely responsible for ourselves. It's a time of life-altering experiences and heavy duty decision-making. Exciting? Sure. Stressful? Definitely.

Counseling Today magazine asked me to write about how therapists can support college students during this complicated transition time. My research reflected what my college student clients have told me for years - there is tremendous pressure to appear as though you already have it all figured out, even though college is a time when you are supposed to be doing the slow work of figuring it all out. Just out of the starting gates, students often say they already feel behind. As a result, they may have to manage unfamiliar challenges like anxiety, depression, disordered eating, and new relationship issues. The students I work with say that a supportive counseling relationship - in individual therapy or in a group - can be a significant help.

My Georgetown office location, near the intersection of Wisconsin and M Streets, puts me within easy access of students at Georgetown University, George Washington University, and American University, and the therapy groups for college students have included members from all three schools. These students say that having an off-campus space to process on-campus experiences has been an invaluable help in gaining perspective and setting goals. New groups form each fall, so please contact me for more information.