I have been writing for Counseling Today magazine since 2005. The following articles were originally published by the American Counseling Association and can be found here. 

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Money Talks

Finances just might be the great equalizer in the counseling room. From young clients struggling to live within a budget, to high-powered, high-income couples wrestling with disparate spending habits and long-term financial questions, money matters may be one of thte most complicated topics counselors will face. Just as childhood trauma informs clients’ approaches to uncertain situations as adults, childhood experiences with money exert influence on adult clients’ day-to-day financial functionality.

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What becomes of the brokenhearted?

Before they understand the various diagnoses and treatment options available, many clients present to counseling because of trouble navigating the same human phenomenon: heartbreak.

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When the Vows Break

D-I-V-O-R-C-E doesn’t always spell the end of counseling

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It’s not about sex

Counselors help sexual addiction clients face the behavior, name its impact and examine the underlying causes

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Underdiagnosed and Overwhelmed: Women with ADHD

Many girls and women unknowingly contend with ADHD because of lingering assumptions about what the disorder "looks like."

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