About Emotionally-Focused Couples therapy

Dr. Sue Johnson's Emotionally-Focused therapy (EFT) is an approach to couples work that incorporates the new science of adult attachment and bonding research. Validated by more than 20 years of empirical study, EFT is an evidenced-based process that helps couples restructure their emotional bonds following relational distress, the primary reason couples present to counseling. EFT employs a comprehensive theory of adult love and attachment, helping couples heal their distress by using experiential methods to create new, healthy bonding patterns.

My study of EFT began in 2015, when I attended a 28-hour externship training that provided a strong understanding of adult attachment theory and the stages and interventions used in the model. I found the process so fascinating and in-line with my prior training in Imago and PACT, that I decided to invest in the year-long Core Skills training through 2016. During that year I discovered that EFT deepened my ability to meet couples where they are in the "relationship dance" and to help them understand their distress from an attachment perspective. At that point, I was hooked on EFT and elected to spend the next year in a Core Skills Plus training group that furthered my understanding of the model. I am currently a certification candidate and lifetime member of the International Centre for Excellence in EFT (ICEEFT).

Anyone looking for more information about attachment theory and relationship distress may enjoy reading Sue Johnson's books Hold Me Tight and Love Sense.

Stacy & Dr. Sue Johnson, Sept. 2016