Murphy's Love: 
Advice on Love & Relationships

This monthly advice column has been running in The Georgetowner newspaper since 2010. The following articles were originally published by Georgetown Media Group and may be read anytime here.


When is it time to leave a "co-existing" marriage?

A reader asks when is it time to leave a marriage where both partners feel like they are just trying to "co-exist."  Check out my full answer here.


Should she be concerned about his panic attacks?

A recent letter came from a woman involved with a man struggling with panic attacks. I use this opportunity to explore the impact of panic disorder and what it could mean for their relationship moving forward. Read the whole column here.


Should a 'Lying Liar' Come Clean?

We've all been there - we've exagerrated a story, or gave false details about something and suddenly the tale took on a life of its own. This letter from a self-proclaimed "Lying Liar" asks me what to do when both options feel impossible. Read the whole story here.


Hit On By Her Friends' Husbands

This question came from a married woman who is baffled by the come-ons from three separate married male friends. The letter gave me a chance to revisit sex and relationship researcher Esther Perel's study of "happy couples" from which at least one partner has had an affair. Her conclusion is that something besides lust drives the affairs. Take a look at her TED Talks here and read my full column here.


Does 'Friendless Husband' Need Help?

This recent Georgetowner advice column addresses what happens when a writer marries a great guy but feels like no one else gets it. Read my full column here.