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This monthly advice column has been running in The Georgetowner newspaper since 2010. The following articles were originally published by Georgetown Media Group and may be read anytime here.

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Should she be concerned about his panic attacks?

A recent letter came from a woman involved with a man struggling with panic attacks. I use this opportunity to explore the impact of panic disorder and what it could mean for their relationship moving forward. Read the whole column here.


Pressure to Engage?

They've been together since college and she wants to get married - he's not feeling it, but doesn't want to lose her. Read my response here.


Afraid of Her Past

The writer of this week's question is worried that her past history with men could come back to haunt her in new relationships. My take? She's being pretty hard on herself. Take a look at my opinion here.


No Drinking, No Social Life?

This column addresses a reader's concern that her disinterest in college drinking might be hampering her social life. Read the whole column here.


'The One'

The question about how we know when we've finally found "the one" comes up in therapy and in my column on a regular basis. This makes sense because we, as humans, are made for relationship and our culture offers so many indications that if you aren't in a relationship, the problem is you. This question considers the lack of lightening bolts in everyday life. Read the whole article here.