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This monthly advice column has been running in The Georgetowner newspaper since 2010. The following articles were originally published by Georgetown Media Group and may be read anytime here.

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Should a 'Lying Liar' Come Clean?

We've all been there - we've exagerrated a story, or gave false details about something and suddenly the tale took on a life of its own. This letter from a self-proclaimed "Lying Liar" asks me what to do when both options feel impossible. Read the whole story here.


Does 'Friendless Husband' Need Help?

This recent Georgetowner advice column addresses what happens when a writer marries a great guy but feels like no one else gets it. Read my full column here.


Connecting Through Complaint?

How do you make friends when you find everyone annoying?

That's the basic question behind a recent advice column question - she wants to be friends with her co-workers, but she finds they gossipy and irritating. We explore the idea that women often connect through complaint. Read my take here.


A 2-Parter: Cold Shoulder From a Friend

Recently I have been able to work on two advice columns addressing questions from the same person - both regarding her relationship with an old friend. We've all been there - an old friend from school is now part of your adult circle of friends, and there are new rules about how that friendship should proceed, but they aren't always clear. Stretching and growing into a fully human being - naming the problems we face and then working on fixing them - that is the hallmark of an adult relationship. But sometimes the other person isn't quite ready to stretch and grow into the honesty that's required to deepen and transform the relationship. Take a look at Part One here and Part Two here.


When Did We Get So Boring?

My most recent column in the Georgetowner addresses a reader's sense of boredom with her friends from college, now that they are out of the dorms and into real life. I think she may have to adjust her expectations, and take a look in the mirror first. Read the whole column here.