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This monthly advice column has been running in The Georgetowner newspaper since 2010. The following articles were originally published by Georgetown Media Group and may be read anytime here.

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Hit On By Her Friends' Husbands

This question came from a married woman who is baffled by the come-ons from three separate married male friends. The letter gave me a chance to revisit sex and relationship researcher Esther Perel's study of "happy couples" from which at least one partner has had an affair. Her conclusion is that something besides lust drives the affairs. Take a look at her TED Talks here and read my full column here.


He Cheats. End of Story?

Another question about infidelity turned up in my Georgetowner advice column - this time, he says cheating is just what he does, and asks if there's an arrangement he and his wife can come to? My response? It may not be what you expected. Read it here.


He Can't Handle the Jealousy

Earlier this spring, I received a question for my Georgetowner newspaper advice column from a man self-aware enough to know that he could not handle the jealousy of having an open relationship with his wife, but that he was considering having an affair so he could have the sex life he really wanted. Can you guess my response? Read the whole article here.


Hard Work of Renewing a Marriage

A recent Georgetowner column of mine addressed the hard, hard, HARD work of repairing a relationship after infidelity. It can be hard to navigate the territory between betrayal and forgiveness - but it's never all or nothing. There are shades of gray when it comes to living with the trauma of infidelity. A quote from the column, "No, Husband doesn’t deserve to feel like a criminal every day, but he’s going to have to expect that you will be wary whenever he comes home late. That’s probably going to be part of the marriage for the rest of your lives, and it’s because of his choices, not yours." Read the entire piece here.


Love, Actually

New parents struggle with middle-of-the-night arguments, while a wife wonders why her husband's new cell phone has a passcode. Read the whole column here.