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Get Some Rest

We all know that good rest can make the difference between merely surviving the day and actually contributing something to the world around you. Those who are parents also know that a good night's sleep for your child can be the biggest predictor of how the rest of his week will go for him in school.

This attention to good sleep habits also ought to be paid to our spouses and partners. Sure, if I get a good night's sleep I am better able to handle my job and household responsibilities. But if the person who sleeps on the other side of the bed is restless or struggling with insomnia? Then that becomes problem for both of us.

Your partner's struggles with sleep can have a cascading effect on how your household runs. This is why sleep hygiene ought to be a concern for both people in a partnership. Maggie Mason, of my favorite bloggers, recently wrote a sponsored post on her "Mighty Girl" site including her 10 best tips for getting good rest. Unlike some of the more sterile (READ: didactic, infantilizing) resources out there, her suggestions are both interesting and dead-on. Take a look here.

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