Premarital Counseling

Your marriage is arguably the most important relationship of your life. At it's best, it can reflect the positive values of your family of origin, while also setting a model for your own children. The statistics reveal that half of all marriages fail, and the early stages are the most vulnerable. It's no secret that the average cost of a wedding is skyrocketing - investing some of your time on the front end of a marriage may, in fact, be a cost-effective decision.

At the same time, premarital work can be fun and energizing. I've watched couples go from thinking they know one another, to truly understanding how deep their connection actually is. Sometimes the presence of a neutral third party brings one person to explain a need or hope in words that the other has never heard before.

The premarital counseling process may include goal-setting and exploration of beliefs about money, family, religion, and lifestyle. I have worked with couples following both their own clergy-recommended guidelines, and their own personal agendas. Together we will create a map that will consider all that you are about to undertake.