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Too busy for the anniversary

It may feel like a chore sometimes, like everything else ought to come higher on your list, but forgetting your anniversary is a big, gigantic, huge, enormous (get my drift?) mistake.

And it will only take 30 seconds to get yourself back on track.

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Here's an excerpt:

“One moment of simple connection with that other grown-up who balances out your family seesaw does not require lots of planning, or even complete privacy,” she said.

“I may be going against the Therapist’s Code here, but we couples counselors often prescribe the Date Night or Appointment Sex because they are sure-fire ways to get people to connect on a regular, measurable basis. But the aim of that whole process is so that the two people get to that smiling, eye-contacted moment of really breathing together, acknowledging their partnership, and naming what they are building through their choice of living a shared life.

“What I’m advocating for here is 30 seconds of hand holding, eye contact, and saying something (anything) positive about the other person. In those 30 seconds, you simply acknowledge that while you don’t have the time/energy/sitter funds to plan that big date night out, you really would love to have that time together.”